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    Building a Hybrid (Native & Web ) app

    Wissam Aoufan


      I' m trying to build native app using rhomobile where the screens are simple containers of webpages. I need to know which components or widgets cab be used to do so.




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          Jon Tara

          Really not sure what your question is.


          If you are just going to point it at web pages, you can use whatever components or widgets you want on the web pages.


          But... you don't need Rhodes for that - I would use PhoneGap/Cordova. And, really, even that might be overkill, as there are even more simple native wrappers that just wrap a WebView that you can point at a website.

          If you had some thought of making an app for the Apple App Store (you haven't said what you are trying to do)... it won't be accepted. A native app that simply "frames" a website is a category that Apple very specifically excludes. (Google Play is less picky.)

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              Wissam Aoufan

              Thanx for the feedback. Actually I already have an existing app built with Rhodes and would like to add some screens to  it that are simply web forms of another web application.

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                  Jon Tara

                  In that case, you can certainly link to pages on your website.


                  You haven't said what UI framework (if any) you are using in your Rhodes app, though, so hard to give specific advice.


                  Are you using jQuery Mobile? If you are, you'll probably need to use rel="external" or data-ajax="false" on the links, unless you can create special pages on your site that use exactly the same <head> content (other than title) as your app.


                  The native tabbar provides another solution, though it brings with it... tabs... which may not be desirable. The native tabbar in Rhodes gives you a separate WebView for each tab.


                  I would love to see Rhodes implement multiple WebViews withOUT the tabs! One does not necessarily imply the other!

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                  charbel succar


                  you mentioned that Apple refuse the case where we build a native app that simply "frames" a website. is it possible to have an official link that post this case?


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                      Jon Tara

                      you mentioned that Apple refuse the case where we build a native app that simply "frames" a website

                      It's one of the oldest rules. It's been in place forever. It's had some change of wording over the years. Currently, it refers only to "web sites bundled as apps", which actually provides a better experience than framing a site.


                      App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer


                      2.12 Apps that are not very useful, unique, are simply web sites bundled as Apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected

                      The other rule that will get you on that (can't find it right now) is the one requiring that you provide an offline experience. If the first thing the app does is try load a page from your website, it will be rejected out of hand. The app has to do something useful when offline.


                      That said, I've done projects which are, essentially, existing website content bundled into an app using PhoneGap, typically travel destination type apps. But the pages are formatted to work well on a mobile screen, there are typically mapping features that use device capabilities, etc. (If you do mapping, make sure you do not load e.g. Google Maps API at startup, as this will require the network. Load Google Maps API when you load the mapping page, and then let the user know they must be online to use maps (rather than just let it fail) etc.


                      As well, many accepted apps show, for example, catalog pages, or (for travel destinations, e.g.) current events, etc. by linking to an external site. If you do, make sure there is a trail back, because there is nothing more frustrating than an app that leave the user stranded on an external site! (And that will get a rejection.)


                      If I want to open a truly external website (unrelated site) then it's best to open it in the system browser, because when you link to an external site, you relinquish control. That won't fly - either with the user or Apple.


                      Tabs are a good option for displaying website pages - IF tabs work out for you as a UI. Unfortunate Rhodes doesn't provide a way of starting a second, third, or nth WebView without HAVING to use native tabs.