A partner ask the following question:   Does anyone know the answer?

Can you please tell me what, if anything Zebra is doing to handle secure encrypted communications (HTTPS) on handhelds that have already been sold and deployed - now that TLS 1.0 has been invalidated and all security audits are now requiring TLS 1.2?  Do you all have an upgrade patch for these noting that this security layer is managed at the operating system level?



.  HTTP and HTTPS protocols are used for lots of communications that pass over the Internet but have nothing to do with a browser.  We have created applications running on your handheld devices (as I’m sure many of your iintegrators have) that communicate to hosted databases using HTTPS protocol.  So a handheld device in Houston is running an application that communicates to a database in Indianapolis by HTTPS – using the Internet connection on the handheld to transmit communications by negotiating with a web server that acts as an intermediary to the database.  The applications run on the handheld device independent of the browser and communicate using HTTPS.  We would need the available cyphers and cert store on the devices we have purchased from you all to be updated to support use of TLS 1.2 so that our application can leverage that portion of the OS that creates the secure network connection with the web servers in Indianapolis.