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    RhoConnect Update from 4.x to 5.x

    Jon Tara

      RhoConnect Guide gives some conflicting advice about updating RhoConnect.


      Rhomobile | Installing RhoConnect


      Upgrading from RhoConnect version 4.x is quite simple. All that is needed is to update the version of RhoConnect in your RC app’s gemfile.

      Then, in the next section:


      Rhomobile | Migrating your application to RhoConnect 5.0

      The best way of migrating your old RhoConnect app to Rhoconnect 5.0+ is to re-generate the application skeleton using Rhoconnect, then integrate all of your implementation specifics into it. However, if you prefer to migrate your RhoConnect app manually, perform the steps in this document.

      So, which is it?


      It looks to me as if the second advice may be more applicable to a move from 3.5, since that is the example given.


      Can others who have updated comment on any particular problems or concerns?


      Also, are there some release notes on RhoConnect, so I can see what has been done from 4.1 to 5.1.1 (which is the upgrade I'd like to do).

      (Since in the case of RhoConnect server, we have no git repo to follow).

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          Krishna Raja



          Upgrading from 4.x to 5.x you can use the first link. Changing the rhoconnect version in RC's gemfile and bundle install is sufficient




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              Jon Tara

              Thanks, Krishna, that confirms my suspicions!


              The documentation is pretty significantly out of sync with reality.


              My experience was pretty-much as you describe. I poked around and found that our project was for the most part already set-up as shown for 5.x. So, I think the documentation incorrectly gives instructions for updating from <4.0 as instructions for updating from 4.x. I say "for the most part", because of course the project had changes from it's initial generation, and of course had accumulated it's own unique additions.


              I did find one little secret, which is that you also need to update .rcgemfile, not mentioned in the docs. I created a fresh RhoConnect example from 5.1.1 commandline, and updated from the .rcgemfile that it created.


              After that, I was able to successfully update the project to 5.1.1.