Issues while debugging my program. i think  with PSDK MC92

Dear colleagues,


Since the devices upgraded the OS to Windows embedded 7.0 ( i am talking about the MC92 and MC32 mostly) we need the special PSDK per type off device. I write programs With VS2008

I am having issues while debugging. my application crashes all the time. this is only in debugging phase. I have no issues whatsoever when the same program is running normally .

the craches occur mostly when calling a webservice.


I had this issue before. when i wasnt using the PSDK from the MC92. After changing that and using the Motorola PSDK for MC92 CE7.00 V2.00 everything changed and all went well.

With the first series off MC92 (BSP02.46) devices i had no issues when using the PSDK V2.00.


Now suddenly with a nuw device i have the same issue again. i went to the site and saw that there was a PSDK V3.00 available and tried this.

But i am afraid the new PSDK isnt much better.


At the moment i just change my platform to a standard Windows CE Platform and use an MC91 to debug.


i uploaded the crashdump as wel ass some pictures.

Has anyone encountered this issue as well?


With kind regards,

Maarten Van Reeth