Customizing Enterprise Browser startup / deploying multiple web apps on Android - pictorial guide

Hi, all.


Enterprise Browser (and PocketBrowser) on WM/CE allows deploying multiple web apps - you just create multiple Shortcuts each with it's own customized Config.xml or Start URL, pointing to the right app.

Android, unfortunately, doesn't have any editable LNK files. So how do you achieve the same results?


Turns out, EB has a handy widget in stock for you! Check the pictures below, they're all clickable for larger versions.

  • The first illustration shows how the EB widget looks like in App Drawer (bottom left).
  • Drag this to your home screen, and you'll see the screen from the second illustration, allowing you to customize either config.xml path or the URL. Note that you can't have both on Android. Why? This is beyond me.
  • The next couple of pics shows sample input for Config and URL.
  • The final pic shows the end result (top right). I don't know at present how (or if) you can customize the icon.


Important note: even though you can deploy multiple web apps onto the same device this way, because of the Android+EB runtime limitations, only one app will be active at a time! If you need more than one simultaneously - use the NativeTabbar API to have multiple "tabs" opened at the same time.


Hope this was useful! Let me know if you know how to customize the icon, and I'll add it to the post!


EB Widget - Home Screen.pngEB Widget - Setup Screen - Empty.pngEB Widget - Setup Screen - Sample Config.pngEB Widget - Setup Screen - Sample URL.pngEB Widget - Launcher.png