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    Update the EMDKConfig.xml or equivalent on the device?


      While testing the AccessManagerI left the default values and ran my application. Now it is not allowing me to install a new version of my test APK or any other.  Is there a way I can change the settings on the device itself? Would I have to perform an enterprise/factory reset?

      Partial XML


      <characteristic type="AccessMgr" version="4.3">
        <parm name="emdk_name" value="Default"/>
        <parm name="OperationMode" value="2"/>
        <parm name="SystemSettings" value="1"/>
        <parm name="DeletePackagesAction" value="0"/>
        <parm name="AddPackagesAction" value="0"/>

      <characteristic type="SettingsMgr" version="4.4">
        <parm name="emdk_name" value=""/>
        <parm name="InvokeEnterpriseReset" value="2"/>
        <parm name="WifiSettingsUI" value="1"/>
        <parm name="UnknownSources" value="2"/>
        <parm name="AirplaneMode" value="2"/>
        <parm name="AccessAppsSection" value="2"/>


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          Allan Herrod

          You have 2 basic choices.


          First, you can Enterprise Reset or Factory Reset the device, which will clear the state you have set.  If you did not use PersistMgr to make the Whitelisting persistent (which your XML doesn't show) then Enterprise Reset would be sufficient.


          Second, you can use an application that is permanently allowed to submit XML to change the state or add your application to the Whitelist and to the list of applications that are allowed to submit XML.  StageNow would be a way to do that.  So, you could prepare and scan a StageNow barcode to rescue you from this situation and get back to where your application can be worked on.