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    upgrade_bundle fails

    Tahir Zamir



      sdkversion: "5.0.38"


      I have created upgrade_bundle.zip and it is accessible at the specified url.


      Following the steps in the documentation, the following line succeeds:-


      ::Rho::RhoSupport.rhobundle_download(url_to_package, url_for(:action => :httpdownload_callback))



      The next line fails:-





      Corresponding example entries from the log file are:-


      RhodesAppBase.cpp: 395| Unzip item failed: 512; RhoBundle/apps/public/


      RhoFile.cpp:  89| Can't open dir: /data/data/mydomain/rhodata/apps/public


      RhoBundle| Error happen when replace bundle: Unable to copy folder: /data/data/mydomain/rhodata/apps to : /data/data/mydomain/rhodata/apps_temp_journal; Code: 2



      Can anyone shed any light on this?