How does Link-OS benefit developers?

Link-OS provides developers with smarter tools to help them create apps quickly and efficiently.  Link-OS provides provides software libraries in most of the major programming languages including Java, Objective-C®, C# and VB.  These libraries support standard communication methods as well as including multiple tools. 

Link-OS SDK tools:

Support for printer profile management

Support for status checking

Font and Graphic conversions

XML to printable output

Printer management through Javascript Object Notation (JSON)


Link-OS also introduces Cloud Connect for connecting securely and directly to the cloud and utilizing the SDK features.  


Zebra provides over 120 code examples and demos at the moment as well as extensive documentation.  You can also access dedicated engineering support, more source code, white papers, marketing support, etc. by joining our ISV program.


Overall we make printing as easy as possible so you can get back to creating your apps.