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    Request for Android Widget to display BSP level

    Matthew Chu

      Can someone who programs in Android provide me with an Android Widget that displays the BSP firmware level on MC40, TC7x, TC55?

      Currently, once the devices are deployed, there's no quick and simple way of knowing the BSP level unless the user manual drill down into the Settings to find out. If there're many units deployed or being staged, this can be time consuming.   I think MDM can provide the information, but that's on the server side, and only when the MDM is deployed or the unit has checked in.    Hence, I think it would be beneficial to have an Android Widget that appears on the Home Screen when unit is  turned on (just like the clock) that displays the Build number without having to drill down into settings >about phone.   I am not sure if there's an API to get the build number, so I don't know if this is doable.

      If it can, can someone write this Widget for me?