How does one develop an embedded application for the FX7500?

I am trying to develop an embedded application for the FX7500, and am having trouble identifying the correct way to do this, as per Zebra best-practices. I download the from the support portal, and reviewed the included documentation. One thing in particular stands out and that is the need to use the third-party tool: CodeSourcery Lite Version 4.4-290. As I understand it, this is required to compile an application to run on the FX7500 ARM processor. However, upon searching for said tool, I find that only offer it as trial-ware or a paid version. Is this the only Zebra supported way to develop for the FX7500 - to use a third-party app? I assume I'm missing something here hence why I am asking the developer community. Has anyone else developed an embedded application for the FX7500 successfully? Is this third-party tool actually required? If so, does/can Zebra provide the tool, or do they expect partners to purchase it on their own? Any additional help would be very much appreciated.