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    Enterprise Home Screen(EHS) Browser Lockdown

    Antoine Daher



      I have been trying to use EHS on a motorola TC70 device. I have been able to block apps without a problem but I was wondering if its possible to to lock the browser into specific urls/domains/sub-domains maybe using some parameters on the <link> elements ? I want to be able to lock the browser on a specific url in kiosk mode and not let the user use anything else on the device.


      If its not possible using EHS, is there another product that is designed for browser locks ?


      Thank you!

      Bill Hecox

      Bruce Crawford

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          Billie Hecox

          Hello Antoine,   Unfortunately no,  the link feature just sends  a view intent to the system, and the default browser opens the link. The standard browser is the issue in this case.  It allows the user to enter a different url are do what ever they like.  EHS can handle the kiosk mode (locking the user into the browser), but you will need to make use of a locked down browser that does not give the user the ability to change anything accept what is provided in the webpage. After choosing and installing the new browser, you will need to set it as the default.


          There are a few options for locked down browsers:

          1. Make use of the Zebra Enterprise Browser: Introducing Enterprise Browser

          2. Create your own browser with the Android WebView API

          3. There are also a few locked down browsers out there for android, would just need search around and see if they

          fit your needs.