Runs MC3100 Applications to MC32N0 ?

Hello together,


i am new here since yesterday and i have a question:


a few years ago we developed a VS2008 C++ MFC Application for mobile Device using PSK 1.4 for MC30XX (30XXC50BxxPS010403) and EMDK2.5 for c (EMDK-C-020502).

This application runs on MC30XX with Win CE 5.0 and on MC31XX with Win CE 6.0 without the need to maintenance two Versions (compiled with different SDKs for CE5.0 and CE6.0)


Now my Question:

We decided to buy a MC32N0 as replacement for MC31XX - would our old Application run on the MC32N0 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WinCE7.0) ?

Or must we recompile the VS2008 Project and build the Application with the Windows CE Platform SDK v02.00.00 for MC32N0c70 ???

Or runs the "old" Application (compiled & build with PSK 1.4 for MC30XX) downward on the MC32N0 ?


kind regards