NotificationService: WARNING: In a future....



I was developing an app with EMDK 3.1 for tc70 devices. My app generates traceability of thousands of items. Until now, I haven´t had any problem because of the number of items. However, when I try to read a code with a great amount of items (14000), Android logcat show me this message:


08-13 09:57:48.191      649-649/? E/NotificationService﹕ Not posting notification with icon==0: Notification(pri=0 contentView=com.symbol.emdk.emdkservice/0x1090064 vibrate=null sound=null defaults=0x0 flags=0x11 kind=[null])

08-13 09:57:48.191      649-649/? E/NotificationService﹕ WARNING: In a future release this will crash the app: com.symbol.emdk.emdkservice


Several readings later, the app crashes and the logcat error makes reference to soundpool. Apparently, the notification system of EMDK could have a bug. Could someone help me?


Thank you very much.