Suggested Discussion Topics (Agenda Items) for our 'Monthly RFID SEVT Team Calls'

Dear Ritesh, Larry & RFID SEVT Team,

Here are some suggested Discussion Topics & Agenda Items for us to consider, as some topics for our upcoming 'Monthly RFID SEVT Team Calls' - as follows: -


  • On our fixed readers perhaps worth wile to bring up the Zebra visibility platform we can leverage to get a broader solution pitch in particular in industrial manufacturing / automotive … (might secure deals like the +3 mio Al Tayer in UAE deal through the channel.


  • Are any talks going on between the BU and the Zatar team to get our RFID hardware connected into Zatar platform ?      If not are they aware of a UK Company 'RedBite' ?      As we are in an early engagement with them to explore how we can leverage their competences and get our fixed readers hooked up to the cloud – ultimate objective would be to have them develop the agent that would sit on the reader (potentially factory default available ?) so the units can easy be connected to the cloud when/where needed.

  • Use cases / experiences / demo on reading sensor tags be it full passive (such as Farsens) or BAPT (such as CAIN).


Many Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Peter Walsh.