Best way forward.

I am developing some windows software to manage several scanners in a warehouse environment In order to get up and running with the windows sdk I purchased an entry level scanner and charger unit (LI4278 and CR0078).  I found the SDK intuitive and easy to use and now I have to make a decision on the best way forward with equipment and would value some input on the best scanners and base unit to use in this type of deployment. 


I need  the scanners to be able to have multiple scanning modes;  scan units in, scan units to pallets, scan pallets to vehicles etc.  Or should I manage this from my software? Several scanners could be active at the same time and I have been told by another developer who has attempted a similar solution using the same hardware that:


  When scanners are idle for several minutes they go to sleep and lose contact with the base unit and and have to be re-paired with the base.


Is there a better method of getting the information from the scanners into the network?  Should I consider another scanner-  base unit combination?


I would be interested in hearing about anyone else's experience in overcoming these issues.