TC55 JB and KK failed to connect to WiFi ap ( when TKIP is used )

Hello support,


In one of our locations all TC55 devices can not connect to the existing wifi infrastructure.


The AP is Motorola AP-5131 with fw. . Encryption in the AP is set to: WPA/WPA2 TKIP .


I have tried  both JB and KK images - no success, devices are stuck at "Authenticating..." .


On the same AP we have a dozens  MC9596 , MC3190 , MC32NO ( Win CE )  that are connected with the same settings ( pass, encryption etc. ) . The new devices are added to the AP  MAC filter / policy .


Based on my initial findings, this seems to be more an Android 4.X issues:  Issue 36638 - android - Android 4.1.x Jelly Bean does NOT connect to 802.1x/PEAP WiFi networks - Android Open Source …


Maybe you could provide sw. patch or advice something else to try ?