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    JNI local reference table overflow: jsonrpc strings are not removed properly

    Tobias Kiefer



      I am trying to debug my application built with rhomobile.

      After some interactions it dies with the following error:

      JNI ERROR (app bug): local reference table overflow (max=512)

      The dump shows the last 10 entries:

      java.lang.String "{"jsonrpc": "2.0... (43 chars)

      and sometimes 47 chars

      As I am not using JNI myself in the application, the error must come from a rhomobile js method, or Android itself.

      I tested it on 2 different Android devices (one ICS and a Lollipop). Error occurs on both.

      I temporarily removed all native extensions to ensure they do not cause the problem.

      Do you have any suggestions on how to debug?

      How can I see the remaining part of the Strings?

      Where are you using JSON-RPC?

      I would like to give you some code, however, I do not know what causes this error or how to produce a minimal working example.

      Any help is greatly appreciated, I am a bit lost on this one,


      Best regards,



      before the overflow I am getting multiple of the following messages at intervals

      art Attempt to remove local handle scope entry from IRT, ignoring

      How can I find out which entry was not removed?