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    rhoconnect-rb Heroku addon

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      I searched for rhoconnect-rb addon on Heroku, but didn't find one. Is this addon deprecated/discontinued or is it a paid feature?

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          Mark Nongkhlaw

          Hmm. I suppose the Rhoconnect Heroku plugin is no longer available

          Can we still use Amazon EC2 instead? Is it still supported? Anyone?

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              You can host rhoconnect application on heroku.

              You need to add redistogo plugin to your heroku application to make it work.


              Have you tried to push rhoconnect application to heroku? Got some error ?




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                  Mark Nongkhlaw

                  No I didn't encounter any problems in pushing an application to heroku.

                  However, I am facing problems in adding a Rhoconnect instance to the application. I am using CLI through the Heroku Toolbelt.


                  $ heroku addons:add rhoconnect


                  doesn't work and searching for Rhoconnect addon through dashboard.heroku.com also yields "Can't find any matching add-ons". However, I had added Redis To Go plugin to my app through the web interface on heroku.


                  Now what are the next steps - how do I provision  a Rhoconnect instance to the application?

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                      Krishna Raja

                      Add on is not supported. However you should still be able to use rhoconnect-rb in your rails app by including it in your Gemfile. I saw your another post for rhoconnect-push which had a sample using rhoconnect-rb. You should be able to deploy that code in Heroku


                      Let me know if that does not work

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                          Mark Nongkhlaw

                          Hi Krishna Raja,


                          As I see it, Rhoconnect-rb is a plugin in the form of a gem which enables you to do CRUD with Rails without the need for Rhoconnect source adapters.


                          Now, in that post, there are at least 3 components : a rails app, a rhoconnect app and a client app. And that was for a local setup (i.e. not on heroku).


                          Whereas I see no problem with provisioning and hosting the rails app on heroku, I still dont understand how to provision and host a Rhoconnect app on heroku (please note that in the past a heroku Rhoconnect plugin existed but might have been discontinued by heroku because it was based on the old bamboo stack which has since been sunsetted. Not sure if there are any plans for an updated plugin).


                          There have been suggestions to use Redis-to-go etc. but no detailed instructions.


                          Maybe you can do a blog post on how to create and deploy a Rhoconnect app on heroku? That will help us all.