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    PDF writer is not working

    shivratan gupta

      Hi ,


      i m using the pdf writer to generate the PDF file on Android platform,


      but when i pass the the image path to pdf.add_image its giving me the error.




      require 'pdf/writer.rb'


      require 'pdf/open-uri'

      require 'pdf/simpletable.rb'



         def make_pdf

              # prepare DPF file on local file system in User folder


              # for generate PDF we use open source pure Ruby library PDF-Writer

              # Homepage::  http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruby-pdf/

              # Copyright:: 2003-2005, Austin Ziegler


              # PDF-Writer also require few additional Ruby libs:

              #   color

              #   transaction-simple

              #   thread


              # You can see their Ruby code in rodes platform extension folder:

              #  [Rhodes root]/lib/extensions


              # for include that libs to your application you should add next extsnions to your application extension list in your application build.yml :

              # "pdf-writer", "thread"



              pdf = PDF::Writer.new



            i have used all below method but isa giving same error and not allowing to add the image to pdf file





            pdf.image "#{Rho::RhoApplication.get_base_app_path()}public/images/loading_1.JPEG", :resize => 0.75


            pdf.image Rho::RhoApplication.get_base_app_path() + "public/images/Jellyfish.jpeg", :resize => 0.75

            imgreturn = pdf.add_image_from_file(Rho::RhoApplication.get_base_app_path() + "public/images/Jellyfish.jpg", 0,0)


            file_location = File.join('/demo','demo.pdf')



            pdf = Prawn::Doccument.new


              redirect :action => :index



      is donot allow to add the image to pdf.


      please anyone has idea then please help me...i m new to rhodes application development



      thanks you soo much..

        • Re: PDF writer is not working
          Jon Tara

          See my response to your other post.


          Rhodes does not support Ruby threads on Android.


          Maybe parts of PDF-writer will work, if those parts don't need a Ruby thread.


          It's always good to post specific error messages, not just "doesn't work", or "doesn't allow to add the images to PDF".

            • Re: PDF writer is not working
              shivratan gupta

              Hi Jon,


              Thanks for your reply


              when i am using the


              1)pdf.add_image method  in internally call the


              info = PDF::Writer::Graphics::ImageInfo.new(image_data)


              it not giving me the proper info...when i do the

              info.format it giving me the "OTHER" but my image is .jpeg file

              and also when i do the info.height or info.weight it giving me the nil value


              and when if i hardcode the height and weight then its open the pdf file with blank pdf ..no image added on pdf.