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    Do I need EMDK?

    Libero Rignanese


      if I want to use Android standard Api to access a generic BTLE device do I need EMDK?

      Can I use the standard Bluetooth API?


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          Bill Hecox

          Libero, The EMDK is not needed to use Standard Android Bluetooth API's

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              Libero Rignanese

              Thank you for your quick reply.

              So, EMDK is needed only if I want to access a specific Zebra hardware feature?


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                  Pietro Maggi

                  Hi Libero,

                  You're right, with a catch :-)


                  There're some APIs that requires a system/certificate permission on Android (like to put the device in Airplane mode) that are not normally available to your application.

                  Using Zebra's EMDK some of these activities are possible.


                  So, even if Bluetooth SMART (aka BLE) is a standard Android API since Android v4.3, API level 18, you may need to use the EMDK to turn on/off the radio without user intervention.


                  you can reach out directly to me to have a chat in Italian if you like.

                  pietro.maggi AT zebra DOT com