How to update Enterprise home screen xml, where do I save it?


I'm trying to edit the Enterprise Home screen to remove a few default application on it.  I exported the file and copied it to my PC.  I made my changes and saved it back to the same location it exported to. Seems it doesn't read the modified XML because it is not stored in the internal memory but the SD card. I'm unable to move it to the internal file system because it is read only.  How can I change the file so it reflex my changes. Do I need to root my device to have access to the internal file system?

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How can this possibly be automated through an MDM such as Airwatch. We have a few hundred field devices and I need to make an app or 2 visible in the EHS screen.

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The current KK OS builds prevent access to the /enterprise folder in order to comply with Google GMS certification requirements. You can access sub-folders underneath /enterprise using ADB e.g.

adb shell ls /enterprise/usr

will show the contents of the /enterprise/usr folder which is used by default by EHS.

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After you modify your xml file, copy it back to the device /enterprise/user folder.  This is the folder that that the EHS will read on startup