how to set region on cold boot



I downloaded StartUpCtl v1.6 to keep application in case of cold boot. Unfortunately i can not activate Hungarian region on cold boot, i 'd like to turn off allways on top function for taskbar and finally by default the radio is off (Motorola MC2180).

I tried with regmerge, but no success.

Cretaed a directory in Application dir and placed separate reg files for above mentioned problems.

It is strange that the first regmerge command is working (set DataWedge to Run), but the others are not.

OnRestore.txt looks like this:

regmerge /q \Application\Lantmannen\DataWedge_autoStart.reg


regmerge /q \Application\Lantmannen\LocaleHun.reg


regmerge /q \Application\Lantmannen\RadioOn.reg


And for example localeHun is like this:










After a cold boot (restore), Regional Settings Region tab is remains on English.


Sorry for my english, thanks in advance.