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    Time for a fixed Kitchen Sink XAP that can be deployed to the Windows Store?

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      I believe the issues regarding publishing XAPs generated by Rho to the Windows Store have been fixed since 5.1

      If so, can we see the Kitchen Sink app on the store as a proof that things have actually been fixed. Also, has the fix been applied to the github repo yet?

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          Mark Nongkhlaw

          has the fix been applied to the github repo yet?


          Doesn't look like its fixed. rho-samples/kitchensink at master · rhomobile/rho-samples · GitHub seem to have been updated 2 years ago


          Would be great if someone can provide the latest one. Kitchen Sink app is important for technology demonstrations to existing and potential users alike.

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              Joydeep Chakraborty

              Hi Mark,

              Can you please provide more information on the fix you are looking for.Can you please elaborate?

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                  Mark Nongkhlaw

                  Sorry, Joydeep. I should have made myself more clear since the people who were earlier familiar with the problem have left.


                  The issue relates to the structure of the XAP generated by Rho doesnt match with what is required by the Windows Store and we had to do changes ourselves which is not an ideal solution. I myself am not a Visual Studio expert. WP apps both consumer & enterprise, can be distributed thru the Store without requiring to unlock the phone for sideloading the XAP. In fact, the last date for allowing WP7 phones to be unlocked by Microsoft has expired long back (DEC 2014).


                  Secondly, once the XAP is deployed (with some effort on our part) to the Windows Store and once a user installs the app in his/her phone, they will see a new icon for the app on their phone. This is normal. What is not is that when you touch on the icon for a while and do pin-to-start, the shortcut icon for it which appears on the Home screen of the phone is not pretty. It just has a greyish spoked wheel with the words "Rhodes". Apart from not being aesthetic, its exposing the name of the platform (Rhodes). Though its a type of advertisement and publicity, it might not always be desirable. For example, if the app is misbehaving, the reputation of the platform might go down (although that might be because of the developer of the app, not the platform per se). Another (and this one is really a serious and never patched) issue is when you have 2 or more Rho WP apps installed, and you do pin-to-start on each. Each will deposit the spoked wheel shortcut with the word "Rhodes" on the home screen. Imagine the confusion- how do you tell which shortcut pertains to which app. Its almost laughable. This is a very old issue which was reported even on the Google Group even before Rhomobile was acquired by Motorola. You just have to search groups.google.com/group/rhomobile.


                  All in all, the attention towards the issues related to WP (whatever version, be it 7,7.5,8,8.1) have not been addressed by Moto. Now after Zebra came in, I see that some of the issues have been addressed as per Albert in this post :




                  Please also refer to the links I provided in that post to see other issues raised by me over time.


                  All that I'm asking is that Rho 5.1 and above may kindly be used to re-generate the Kitchen Sink XAP and deploy it to the Windows Store for users to download. You already have an Android and WM kitchen sink cab. What we now need is a WP version and not distributed as a direct download but thru the Windows Store. Why? Well, first off, it will reach far more users and act as a showcase of Zebra's/Rho's cross-platform capabilities. Secondly, it will make us devs feel more confident to deploy Rho apps to the Windows Store. And most importantly it will act as a demo app showcasing the capabilities of the platform. In fact even the Android version shoulda been on the PlayStore.


                  We are all aware that Zebra has recently launched two shiny new ETs (ET50/55) with the option of booting to WP (aside : I was a bit disappointed with the absence of NFC on an enterprise tablet). So to me it looks only logical that the support for WP using Rho should be stepped up and the issues addressed (although I'd hate to see it going the WM way in terms of RhoElements and the licensing stuff).


                  Although the apps generated by Rho are still plain vanilla (not Metro UI), but for enterprise apps I feel this is a minor issue. We just need to scan that barcode, read that RFID tag, get the work done if you know what I mean...


                  Lastly, the Git repo for the Kitchen Sink app for WP may kindly be updated with all the fixes since 5.1 was released so that we devs can have a closer look at them.


                  Thanks a lot for your time in reading this long post. I just hope the issues are addressed ASAP by the new Rho Team.