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    Pairing app. on android for CS4070

    Cengiz Dolunay


      CS4070 competitor Coamtac has a pairing application for Android devices.

      Do we have any similar application to pair CS4070 to a consumer android device by scanning a barcode on its display.

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          Ian Hatton

          Hi Cengiz,


          I think this would require a root signed app in order to work. Without this, the best we can do is to disable the PIN requirement on the CS4070 using the following setting in config.ini:




              Once this is done, the Android pairing process is simplified as follows:


          1. Press pairing button on CS4070 until beep is heard - blue LED will flash quickly

          2. Enable Bluetooth and run BT discovery on Android device

          3. Look for keyboard device with ID starting CS4070:

          4. Select device to pair - pairing should complete without any further input.