SPB 2.2 Help Needed

OK - I know this is an old product but it's what the customer is using. I have created an application which is a servlet and uses Apache Tomcat as the web server to host it. The customer wants to move from regular http (port 8080) to https (port 8443). The application works find on http but when it tries to resolve the https url it always comes back with "Page not found". The exact same url works find on the same network using a PC (Internet explorer). The web pages are identical - only the protocol is different.


I am running this on a Motorola MC9090 using Windows Mobile. I have installed a locally created .keystore certificate.


I have to admit I'm not sure if this problem is Windows Mobile or SPB as obviously the latter uses the networking capabilities of the OS.


I can't use ports 80 & 443 as IIS is also running on the same server.


Any ideas would be most welcome


Thanks in advance