Frequency inspection operations in RFID FX7500



I'm using an RFID FX7500, and I need to be able to use the reader as a rudimentary spectral analysis tool.


Is there any way to do either of the following operations:

1) Get in touch with antenna's input samples in time-domain, when the antenna is receiving backscattered signal from a tag?

2) Get the respective frequency of PeakRSSI with just one command? (Instead of doing ridiculously many RFsurvey operations with binary/split search to narrow down and locate the frequency component with the peakRSSI in the frequency range)


If there were some ghost functions for 1) or 2), that would help a lot. LLRP only has RFSurvey functionality, which (to my knowledge) doesn't get the exact respective frequency of PeakRSSI, only PeakRSSI for a large frequency area.


Thanks in advance!