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    Litiano Moura

      Dear friends,

      I have a question with EPL commands.

      In command A, parameter p4 "Font selection", value A - Z Reserved for Soft Font storage. How to use?

      I have already installed the font on the memory card.

      I want to use Arial font on my labels.

      Ex.: A15,50,1,"ARIAL",1,1,N,"012546" does not work.

      I thank any help.


      Litiano Moura.

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          Kandarp Bhatt


          First you have to see what character has been assigned to your stored fonts "a","b" ect.

          Now you can use the command A15,50,1,a,1,1,N,"0123456" assuming you have been assigned "a" against your soft fonts downloaded.

          Please press like it it helps

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            Robin West

            Hi Litano,

            Kandarp is correct in that you have to find the character assigned to the font you loaded.  You can do this with the UE command ( EPL Programming Guide).  The printer will report back a list of fonts loaded with it's assigned name, height, and direction.  UE001 will return the first font loaded in the printer.


            You can then use the assigned font name as Kandarp said in your print text string:



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              Litiano Moura

              Thank you all.Now I understand the syntax.