MIB file for Zebra 105SLPlus printer



I am looking for a MIB file for the Zebra 105SLPlus printer. I couldn't find any in the download or support section. It would be also nice to know where I can get MIB files for other Zebra printer models for monitoring.

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Hello,Our non-Link-OS


Our non-Link-OS printers like the 105SL+ use the same published MIB as our printserver.  You can find that document here Support for the ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server.  Our current SNMP MIB for our Link-OS printers will be available online soon.  The last zebra.com website update broke the link.   I'll reply back when it gets posted.  To know if your printer is Link-OS or not, check out the product page on Zebra.com.  The printserver MIB should be compatible across most of out products, but Link-OS adds several hundred more oid's. 


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