Cable signal loss - RFID antenna


We need to install a couple of AN620 antennas using a 24-25 m cable (80-82 ft) length on a FX7500 RFID reader. The standart Zebra LMR240 Coaxial Cable has been calculated to provide a 3dB loss at 20ft (6 m).

The thing is that we don't know exactly how each dB affects in the antenna reading range.

According to this link (RFID Antenna Cables: Getting the Highest Performance Possible), a 80 ft LMR240 has a 6.1 dB loss, and the LMR400 has a 3.1 dB loss. We assume 2-3 extra dB loss because of the connectors.

Should we use a custom 24-25 m cable (80-82 ft) LMR240 cable or a LM400, based on those numbers?


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