Can not open connection with SQL Compact on on Windows Embedded Compact 7 (ZEBRA MK3100)

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to develop app that dealing with database, so i have installed SQL compact 3.5 SP1 (3.5.5692.0).

I used Registry Editor to check the version that installed as mentioned in this post MK3100, Compact 7, and SQLCE 3.5

But with no luck, each time i got the following error when i try to open connection:



ExceptionCode: 0x00000005

exceptionaddress: 0x428cd068


faulting module: sqlcese35.dll

offset:0x0005d368 at

NativeMethods.OpenStore(IntPtrpOpenInfo, IntPtr$ pError)

at SqlCeConnection.Open()


Please any help will be appreciated.



Ahmed Sobhy