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    LabelPrinting issue with ZEBRA printer

    Ravikumar Mahalingam


      we are facting problem with Zebra printer, the issue is as below

      We do the following in our SAP SMARTFORM to rotate our barcode 90 degrees and it works well.


      Enter the following command under "free attributes of spool request".

      Attribute name: S_LZPL_SETUP

      Attribute value: '^FWR'





      Attempt to resolve:  Putting in 'FWN' into the same SMARTFORM, but this is not allowed.  You cannot have more than one Attribute command value ('FWR') for a given attribute (S_LZPL_SETUP).  Function SSFCOMP_SET_SPOOL_ATTRIBUTES sends an exception in this case.


      Is there another ZEBRA attribute that effectively can handle this?

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          Robin West

          Hi Ravikumar,

          The ^FW command sets the default orientation for all the fields in a ZPL format.  This command is the only way to set that.  You can, however set the orientation for any field specifically, by adding the orientation to it. So a label like this:





          Prints HELLO rotated and WORLD in normal orientation because of the 'N' on ^A0N command.


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              Ravikumar Mahalingam

              Hi Robin,

              Thanks for the reply.


              But the exact Issue is as below:

              After printing the rotated label in zebra printer, the subsequent labels are also printing rotated which is suppose to print has normal.

              We need the printer to print as per the print action set in each printer.

              The zebra printer basically considering the print action set for the rotated label and doing the same for subsequent labels which have non rotated layout to print.


              But the wearied thing is, If the non rotated label is printed first in zebra printer then the rotated label is printing correctly as expected.




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                  Robin West

                  Hi Ravikumar,

                  Unfortunately that is how the ^FW command works. It sets the default orientation until a new ^FW command is sent or the printer powers off.  If the labels that are supposed to be normal are not setting this attribute, it will assume to use the default it had before.   I'll have our SAP Smartform person take a look at this and see if he has any recommendations.