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    Timeout session

    Erick Rondin


      My customer is using EB to connect to SAP where timeout session is setup for non used sessions. On EB, when timeout is over the application goes back to display a screen ''400 Session Timed Out''.

      Is there any way to manage that 400 code that EB could refresh the display to come back to the login sessions screen ?


      Thanks for your lights


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          Joydeep Chakraborty

          Hi Erick

          The "400 Session Timed out" page is a response page from server. This page can be modified to show the the login screen or can be auto redirected  to login page after some time out value when that page appears.

          But all these things should be taken care by server application. Enterprise browser have no control over what server responds and Enterprise Browser is not designed to manipulate the server side response.


          So please advice the customer to work on the SAP page to show login screen when session is timed out.