Fonts A to H Are Oversized

I wanted to understand fonts on my printers so I printed a few labels using all of the fonts.


I found that fonts P to V print at the correct height for a 300 DPI printer according to ZPL II documentation. However A to H seem to be significantly larger than expected.


Here are some printer details:

  1248 12/MM FULL     RESOLUTION       

  V53.17.11Z <-       FIRMWARE         

  1.3                 XML SCHEMA       

  V23 ---------- 4    HARDWARE ID     


Directory of: Z:*.*

Aliases Name Bytes Flags Rev Actions

0      Z:0.FNT 45022 P     

P      Z:P.FNT 2 P     

Q      Z:Q.FNT 2 P     

R      Z:R.FNT 2 P     

S      Z:S.FNT 2 P     

T      Z:T.FNT 2 P     

U      Z:U.FNT 2 P     

V      Z:V.FNT 2 P     

A      Z:A.FNT 6839 PN     

B      Z:B.FNT 7746 PN     

CD      Z:D.FNT 10648 PN     

E      Z:E12.FNT 15691 PN     

       Z:E24.FNT 47056 PN     

       Z:E6.FNT 8520 PN     

       Z:E8.FNT 10893 PN     

F      Z:F.FNT 13275 PN     

G      Z:G.FNT 49663 PN     

H      Z:H12.FNT 11536 PN     

       Z:H24.FNT 30436 PN     

       Z:H6.FNT 7247 PN     

       Z:H8.FNT 7825 PN      


Am I missing something or is the documentation (45541L-003 Rev. A) out of date. Should I be looking for a different rev doc to match my firmware?