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    Fonts A to H Are Oversized

    Brian Pruitt

      I wanted to understand fonts on my printers so I printed a few labels using all of the fonts.


      I found that fonts P to V print at the correct height for a 300 DPI printer according to ZPL II documentation. However A to H seem to be significantly larger than expected.


      Here are some printer details:

        1248 12/MM FULL     RESOLUTION       

        V53.17.11Z <-       FIRMWARE         

        1.3                 XML SCHEMA       

        V23 ---------- 4    HARDWARE ID     


      Directory of: Z:*.*

      Aliases Name Bytes Flags Rev Actions

      0      Z:0.FNT 45022 P     

      P      Z:P.FNT 2 P     

      Q      Z:Q.FNT 2 P     

      R      Z:R.FNT 2 P     

      S      Z:S.FNT 2 P     

      T      Z:T.FNT 2 P     

      U      Z:U.FNT 2 P     

      V      Z:V.FNT 2 P     

      A      Z:A.FNT 6839 PN     

      B      Z:B.FNT 7746 PN     

      CD      Z:D.FNT 10648 PN     

      E      Z:E12.FNT 15691 PN     

             Z:E24.FNT 47056 PN     

             Z:E6.FNT 8520 PN     

             Z:E8.FNT 10893 PN     

      F      Z:F.FNT 13275 PN     

      G      Z:G.FNT 49663 PN     

      H      Z:H12.FNT 11536 PN     

             Z:H24.FNT 30436 PN     

             Z:H6.FNT 7247 PN     

             Z:H8.FNT 7825 PN      


      Am I missing something or is the documentation (45541L-003 Rev. A) out of date. Should I be looking for a different rev doc to match my firmware?

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          Hi Brian,


          What printer are you using? Here is a link to the most recent ZPL Programming Manual, P1012728-009 Rev. A. last updated 5/7/2014. You might compare the sections between your documentation and this file (focusing on the sections you were using) to see what the differences are, as I do not have a copy of the same document as you.


          Thank you,


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              Brian Pruitt

              This is from the status page when I connect to the printer: ZTC S4M-300dpi ZPL ZBR4368871 External Wired PrintServer. Not sure why it indicates "External", the Ethernet card is internal to the printer.


              Here is an image of the respective table from the document I have, which is from 2005. However the tables are the same in both documents. Only fonts A to H print larger than indicated in the table.



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                  Mark Bumpass

                  Could you post the ZPL your sending along with the scanned printed label? How much bigger are they compared to the documentation?

                  Do you have a different 300dpi printer model there you could send the same ZPL to? Does it produce the same result?

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                      Brian Pruitt

                      I have got the same results on multiple S4M printers and a ZT410. All 300 DPI printers.


                      Here is the ZPL



                      ^FX Fonts 0 to GS ^FS


                      ^FO100,100^A0,N,15,12^FD0 - 15x12 JjRr^FS



                      ^FO100,200^AA,N,9,5^FDA - 9x5 JjRr^FS



                      ^FO100,300^AB,N,11,7^FDB - 11x7 JjRr^FS



                      ^FO100,500^AD,N,18,10^FDD - 18x10 JjRr^FS



                      ^FO100,600^AE,N,42,20^FDE - 42x20 JjRr^FS



                      ^FO100,700^AF,N,26,13^FDF - 26x13 JjRr^FS



                      ^FO100,800^AG,N,60,40^FDG - 60x40 JjRr^FS



                      ^FO100,900^AH,N,34,22^FDH - 34x22 JjRr^FS




                      I'm directly connected to all of these printers on the network. Here is a screen shot from the print preview. The label looks the same when it is printed.


                      Each of the fonts below should fit between their respective lines based on their documented height.



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                          Brian Pruitt

                          BTW. Fonts P to V....



                          ^FX Fonts P to V ^FS



                          ^FO100,100^AP,N,20,18^FDP - 20x18 JjRr^FS




                          ^FO100,200^AQ,N,28,24^FDQ - 28x24 JjRr^FS




                          ^FO100,300^AR,N,35,31^FDR - 35x31 JjRr^FS




                          ^FO100,400^AS,N,40,35^FDS - 40x35 JjRr^FS




                          ^FO100,500^AT,N,48,42^FDT - 48x42 JjRr^FS




                          ^FO100,600^AU,N,59,53^FDU - 59x53 JjRr^FS




                          ^FO100,700^AV,N,80,71^FDV - 80x71 JjRr^FS





                          Same results on each printer. Each fits between the lines, which represent the height of the font according to documentation.


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                              Mark Bumpass

                              I think those are bitmapped fonts so according to the manual the height and width are multipliers so I'd try printing them all using ^A[font],N,1,1.

                              My guess is ^AT,N,48,42, for example is likely using a 4x multiplier giving you larger characters than you expect.



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                                  Brian Pruitt

                                  Following that train of thought... I changed the '^A' to this format "^AD,N,1", leaving off the third parameter. (Note that I tried using both parameters).


                                  Then ^AD,N,1 should be scaled 1x

                                  and ^AD,N,2 should be scaled 2x

                                  and so forth....

                                  However that isn't the case.


                                  However, I did find a pattern using 'AD,N,n' where 'n' is a multiple of the width.


                                  So you would expect a font that is 18x10 to scale to the next size when n is 20, but it doesn't. The D font actually scaled up at n=15 and then continued in multiples of the width.

                                  The same held true for the B font. Both having the first scale point at a value of Height - 3.


                                  I tried this with the A font, but the first scale point was Height - 1 and then multiples of the width.


                                  It's a little weird, and definitely not documented to indicate this, but at least it's consistent across our printers.