MC92N0 CE7, EMDK 2.9 Imaging Samples do not run, Image device is not found

I am using the sample C# code (CS_ImagerSample1) for image capture for our mobile devices on the new, CE7 MC92N0 which has the newer SE4750MR engine.  The same code works with the MC91XX (which has the SE4500 engine).  I had tried this with the MC92N0 Windows Mobile OS without success.  So I suspect compatibility issue with the newer scan engine?


I am trying to access the scanner engine with the Imager libraries from our EMDK 2.9 (Symbol.Imaging).  With the new MC92N0, the library never returns an “Image” device (Active Devices returns no array) therefore it cannot capture images.  Whereas MC91XX returns the scanner as an imaging device and can capture images.


We need to prove the MC92XX can take picture with it's built in Imaging Scanner Engine.