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    ZPL to Image or PDF

    Jeff Haacke

      In my application, I need to generate images files or pdf files from ZPL code.  Does Zebra offer any type of API for this?

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          Hi Jeff,

          Sorry for the delayed response. We had some bug in our system and all the questions were hidden.


          There isn't really a way to do using Zebra API. But, there are a few options though,

          Some label design companies like NiceLabel have tools to do this.


          Also, you can get an image from using the printer website by putting the printer on a network and using a browser to navigate to: for ex. http://ip_of_printer/index.html


          You can go into the device files and enter ZPL to see a preview that can be copied as an image.


          Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


          Thank you,


          Mounika Jasti.