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    Motorola MC45 scanner not responding.

    Arup Ghosh


      I developed a scanner application for the device Motorola MC45.

      But sometime for some of the devices the scanner getting stopped/not responding.

      While I pulled the log files from the devices I observed that the devices are having the below mentioned exception.



      System.ArgumentNullException: ArgumentNullException 

         at Symbol.Marshaller.SymbolMarshal.MarshalDwordTo(IntPtr pPtr, Int32 nOffset, UInt32 uValue) 

         at bp.o(ReaderData A_0) 

         at Symbol.Barcode.ReaderData.d(Object A_0) 

         at System.Threading.ThreadPool.WorkItem.doWork(Object o) 

         at System.Threading.Timer.ring()


      Is there any specific reason for this exception?

      How to prevent/handle these kind of exceptions?

      After this issue how to enable the scanner again?

      Thanks in advance.