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    Assistance Required! A cacert.pem bundle could not be downloaded

    Daniel Perry

      Hi there,


      The company I work for are looking to use the RhoMobile Enterprise solution going forward as a way to dive into the mobile scene.

      I am giving RhoStudio a go to see what its like to use.


      I have followed the below link to setup the environment:

      Rhomobile | Install RhoMobile Suite


      I am on a Windows 7 64bit OS:

      I have:

      • Downloaded the RhoStudio Installer for my platform and installed it.
      • Installed the latest JDK (8.0.65)
      • Installed the entire Android SDK from platform 8 - 23
      • Downloaded and unzipped the Android NDK (r10e)
      • Pointed Window -> Preferences -> RhoStudio -> Android at the SDK / NDK installation
      • Set the JAVA_HOME environmental variable to point at my Java 8 JDK installation
      • Run RhoStudio from the Launcher in Start Menu -> Ran as Administrator
      • Created an account at RhoMobile.com.
      • Followed Rhomobile | Creating a RhoMobile Project and created the storemanager project.
      • Setup a Run Configuration that points to Android and RhoSimulator.


      Then nothing happens, nothing appears on screen. And my console window states:

      PWD: D:\Mobile\storemanager

      CMD: rake token:check


      >>>> A cacert.pem bundle could not be downloaded.

      -$TIME$- message [ First timestamp ] time is { 2015-11-26T23:20:33Z } milliseconds from start (0)

      getting cert bundle

      RET: 1


      I also notice that when I try to login at Window -> Preferences -> RhoStudio -> RhoMobile.com it says that Im not logged in after entering my details  (doesnt give a reason why). But logging into RhoMobile.com through the browser is successful?


      Am I doing something wrong? I am fairly new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.