Java sample - Failed to open printer ZDesigner ZQ510 (CPCL)


I'm having trouble connecting to the printer via USB using the SDK; but it seems the supplied Java sample does too.
In, for example, the Settings Demo; when specifying USB as the communication method the printer appears as 'ZDesigner ZQ510 (CPCL)' and can be selected, but when clicking 'Get Settings' it produces the error "Connection Error! Failed to open printer ZDesigner ZQ510 (CPCL)".
I've tried on two Windows 7 machines with the printer installed with the same result. The printer is seen by the computer without any problems and is able to print a test page successfully.
Can anyone please advise?

Submitted by Manuel Caicedo-... on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Hi Toby,

We are sorry to answer this question until now, but our system had a bug, and these questions were hidden.
I will suggest, if you have not done this yet, download our utility tool ZSU (Zebra Setup Utilities ) , and try to remove and reinstall the drivers of the printer again.
Once you have reinstalled these again, please try to do a simple test with ZSU to see if the printer responds in USB to your call with this simple ZPL command,
(~hi) like the picture shows below.

If the command does not work. My following recommendation would be to review the firmware version of the printer. Please review the latest firmware in the following link.

Please, review the firmware of your printer, and if it is out to date, then we recommend to use ZDownloader to update the firmware of your printer. After this process your printer should be able to work correctly.