MT2000 how to send data to server?

hello one and all,


i have the MT2090 and i have VS2008 and have studied ScanItem.exe and ScanInventory.exe sample programs that come in the EMDK.NET v2.9.  i am learning a lot.


ok, so both scan a barcode and show nice user interface screens.  the MT2090 has WIFI and i am able to ping any computer on the local network.  so WIFI is working on the scanner itself.


i can not see how to actually write code in visual studio 2008 to connect and send scanned/user data to a server?  how do i do that and where are example codes on actually doing that through the proper protocols, aka using the EMDK?  is there a way to connect via ODBC or other database/datasource methods?


thank you in advance and have a nice day.  lucas