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    Can I allow the camera in EHS

    Christopher Sather

      I am looking to add the Android Camera to the EHS home screen for user mode.  I don't see the Camera Icon on the main admin screen of EHS 2.1.4.  I have added these two line to the <Enabled> section as well.

            <application package="com.symbol.mxmf.csp.cameramgr"/>

            <application package="com.android.camera2"/>


      I attached my XML file as well.

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          Derek Warren

          Try using this:


          <application label="Camera" package="com.android.gallery3d" activity="com.android.camera.CameraLauncher"/>


          If you need to find out the syntax for an application try adding it to the default screen by logging in as Admin. Then press and hold the application icon you'd like to add, you'll be prompted to add to user screen, pick OK. Now you can inspect the enterprisehomescreen.xml file under /enterprise/usr/ for the newly added application.

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              Christopher Sather

              Derek, what i am seeing on a TC70 is the camera Icon/shortcut being deleted from the device upon installation of EHS.  I cant always reproduce it, but I am seeing it every few resets.

              TC70, BSP V104 from support site.

              1. reset device in recovery mode
              2. allow unknown sources
              3. install EHS
              4. Use android launcher to see if camera icon gone or not


              If the icon is gone after startup, no camera will show up in EHS.  If I get the repro more reliable, I will open a case.