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    Disable App Switch Button in MC40 KitKat

    Teo Shin Hao



      Is there any way using Intent as below :

      1. Intent i = new Intent("com.motorolasolutions.intent.action.HOMEKEY_MODE"); 
      2. i.putExtra("state", 1);  
      3. sendBroadcast(i);  
      4. 1 - Enable 
      5. 0 - Disable 


      To disable the App Switch button in KitKat. (Option Menu Key in JellyBean but App Switch Button in KitKat.)

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          Ian Hatton

          You may be able to do this with the StageNow 2.1 tool i.e. create a profile with the KeyMappingMgr Setting type and then select the menu button and change the key behaviour to 'suppress key'. Create the profile barcode, read it with the StageNow client on the device and the menu key should be disabled.

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