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      Might won't be top of range question but I really need code that will change setting automatic...


      settings that I want to change is high and width of label that what I am straggly to set up in my spread sheets.

      any one can help me by giving sample of code that will work and change above settings automatic?



      best ragards

      Marcin idczak

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          Ritesh Gupta



          Can you provide an example of what you are trying to do?  Please provide any additional details.

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              MARCIN IDCZAK

              Hi Ritesh,


              first I would like to tank you for any re-play.... mean a lot ...


              secondary below I place short code I don't want west your time by reading long  code and trying to understand each line what will do....



              sub PrintingLabelInZebra ()

              Application.ScreenUpdating = False

              Application.DisplayAlerts = False

              Application.CutCopyMode = False

              Dim myprinter,p As String

              myprinter = Application.ActivePrinter

              P = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("ToppersLabel").Range("G6").Value   

              On Error GoTo i:

              Application.ActivePrinter = P


              .......here I need code that allow me to change setting of width and high but I can't found anywhere so I come directly to this forum..



              example here can be .....  change width of label from 10 to 5




              ..... 'rest of code



              End Sub