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    TC55 heavy usage of barcode Scanner

    Aladdin Hamzeh

      Hello Guys, I'm using TC55 the device restart frequently under heavy usage of barcode Scanner any help ?

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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Aladdin,

          do you've any luck with this issue?


          is really difficult to help without some log or more information about your app.


          Best regards


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              Aladdin Hamzeh

              Sadly I've no luck yet!.

              The issue occur by hazard no standard scenario.

              Hope this helps, I create profile under data wedge configured as broadcast ,

              In my app I received as following:


              myReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {


                    public void onReceive(Context context, Intent i) {

                          if (isScannerReady )


                              isScannerReady = false;

                              // get the source of the data

                              String source = i.getStringExtra(AppValues.MOTOROLA_DW.SOURCE_TAG);

                              // save it to use later

                              if (source == null)

                                    source = "scanner";

                              // get the data from the intent

                              String data = i.getStringExtra(AppValues.MOTOROLA_DW.DATA_STRING_TAG);

                              if (data != null && data.length() > 0)







              Issue happens when scanning about more 100 in a row.

              I will be very grateful if anyone has known issue for sudden TC55 restart else than memory leak.