TC55 Barcode Scanner Problem


This is Cuneyt Gargin - Trinoks Software. I have a problem. There are two types of TC55 devices with me . On One of them it writes "MOTOROLA" and the other one it is written "SYMBOL".


I have a project and I develop with a development tool called B4A (

I scan a barcode and I show a message box saying there is a problem.

As you know message box is a DIALOG FORM. I mean normally when user tries to interact with program, the program waits and when I close message box, the program reacts again to user actions.

In my case after I show error message box, when I click BARCODE SCANNER button on device, normally I expect device not to react and scan any barcode, turn RED light OFF and not to beep...


On devices on which MOTOROLA is written, when I show error message box, the device turns DataWedge or scanner OFF..... and when I try to scan barcode, I cannot.. This is the EXPECTED CASE.....


However with new SYMBOL devices, the device does not run as expected.. While showing Error message box on screen, when I scan barcode, device scans it... and red light shows and device beeps... Keeps barcode scanned in memory and When I close error message box, I sends all scanned  barcodes  to intent...... The datawedge settings are set to use INTENT not keyboard emulation... and both devices DataWedge settings are the same...


However, Android versions are different and motorola uses scanner while symbo uses imager ...


Is there any solution ???

I need an urgent response, Because customer wa




Cuneyt Gargin