USB KR403 ~HQES response in Java/windows


I'm trying to read the result from a USB KR403 kiosk receipt printer, from Java, without much success.  I've tried link-os but that doesn't return all the sensor data from the KR403.  I've tried javax.print, but that's even worse.  How can I get the response to the ~HQES command in java from a USB printer?

Submitted by Manuel Caicedo-... on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Hi Kevin,

My apologies for the delay in response.  We had a bug in our system, so we see your question today.

I was searching your question, I do not know if you already tried the following command in java, but I think it will help you to manage this issue.

string dataExpected = printer.sendAndWaitForResponse("~HQES", 1000, 1000);

Please, let me know if this solved the issue.