Zebra barcode scanner SDK for Android phones

I'm using Zebra barcode scanner Android SDK for my mobile app. Is it possible to get the list of Android mobile phones which is compatible with Zebra scanner sdk?

Ritesh Gupta
Hi,The Zebra EMDK is designed


The Zebra EMDK is designed to work only with Zebra Android mobile computers.  Are you looking for a list of Zebra devices that are supported by EMDK?

List of Zebra Handheld Computers

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Pietro Francesc...
Hi Nandhu,As Ritesh alredy

Hi Nandhu,

As Ritesh alredy replied, Zebra Android EMDK it's only for Zebra Technologies Android devices.

You can find the complete list of supported devices and OSes in the release notes of every EMDK version.

You can find the release notes on the download page.

As an example, EMDK for Android v3.1 update 1 supports:


Android Jelly Bean

Android KitKat

MC18 *
MC32N0 *
MC40 * *


MC92 *
TC55 * *
TC70 *
TC75 *

On some of these devices you need to load the EMDK runtime to enable it, this is explained in the documentation.



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