EB IP-Adress of connected Access Point


Is it Possible with the current Enterprise Browser to get the IP-Adress that i'm connect to with the CE Device?
I Need this Information for one Customer before i can Migrate from Naurtec CETerm to the better Enterprise Browser.

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Hi Mike,
Which device are you targeting?
If it's a Windows CE/Windows Mobile device you can already implement the solution that I've suggested to Michael Ahnemann in this thread.

If it's an Android device an interim solution may be implemented using Android Intents with an external native application, however I need to check if this is possible.

To have this feature included in EB, would be nice to have some additional details.

Best regards

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Hi Michael,

Please check if the SignalIndicator feature of Enterprise Browser solves your problem.

WLANStatus method callback provides a lot of WLAN information.

Doc Link
Enterprise Browser 1.3

Pls check and let me know if this is what you are looking for.