On the MK319N CE7, some settings in REG file work, others do not

Not sure if this is a bug, or a missing setting...we are trying to configure the MK319N so that it has a different desktop logo, and uses a different color scheme.  We used the Remote Registry viewer (from Visual Studio), found the settings and made REG file, and placed it into the \Applications directory as well as the ZebraBase.png file.  Here are the settings in the REG file:









After cold boot, the logo on the desktop does change as expected.  Good.

However, the color scheme 'Brick' does not take affect.  Bad.


The odd thing is that when you go to the Control Panel > Appearance setting, 'Brick' is selected.  But the scheme was never applied.  But if you click 'OK' or 'Apply', it works, but if you close the applet, nothing changes.  I have tried other color schemes, with the same behavior.  We need this to work after a cold boot without extra steps.  It seems some settings take affect during the boot up (like the wallpaper setting), and others are set but not applied (like the Appearance setting).


Is this a bug? Or is there something that forces the 'apply' in the REG file that we are missing?  Searching with Google and Launchpad do not reveal this issue.