Trouble with I2OF5 decoders on MC9190

Hello. I have two barcode scaners - MC9090 and MC9190. I have programm that works great with MC9090, but on MC9190 i cant read I2OF5 barcodes with MinimumLength = 6 and  MaximumLength = 8, but i can read other I2OF5 barcodes for which are valid default min and max parametets . When the program starts, I send parameters to the length of the barcode like this:


     _scnAPI.Reader.Decoders.I2OF5.MinimumLength = 6;

     _scnAPI.Reader.Decoders.I2OF5.MaximumLength = 8;



I use Symbol.Barcode DLL, may be MC9190 incompatible with this DLL? Because programm works great on MC9090.


What can I do to fix this trouble? Thanks.