Backspace key deletes two characters at a time on MC9190G (CE6)



I'm testing Enterprise Browser on a MC9190G (CE6) using the IE engine and I'm seeing that the backspace key is deleting two characters at a time in an input box. This appears to be an issue with Enterprise Browser - when viewing a page using standard IE the backspace key works as expected.


I don't see any reference to this being a known issue in Enterprise Browser, although interestingly this exact problem appears to have been resolved in Pocket Browser for MC3190s and MC9190s according to these release notes:


I've attached my Config.xml and a test page to put in the HTML folder.


The equipment and software versions I'm using are:

Device: MC9190G-GA0SWEYA6WR

MO: 1.26.9010

CE: 4.37.0013

PM: 55.61.9007

Enterprise Browser:


Can anyone confirm this is a bug in Enterprise Browser on this equipment, or if there is some workaround?